Early Birds to 15th February. 9-11 April (online)

We are excited to invite you to this landmark online conference, with almost 60 presenters giving papers inspired by Jung’s original vision in Volume 10 of the Collected Works, ‘Civilisation in Transition’. There will be a richness, wealth, range, breadth and depth of presentations on subjects including:

Marital fidelity; the cultural complex; the shadow side of women’s development; the suspension of the Self under trauma; the intergenerational transmission of collective trauma; the meaning of ‘Civilization’ in Chinese characters; the development of religiosity; technologically mediated sessions; archaic man; psychic vulnerability; the political function of Carnival; narcissism and the fascist state of mind; ephemeral phenomena; Schreber and the androgynous anima; innocents, psychopaths and the imagination; dissociative identity disorder; borderline states; narcissism in pornography and sexual addiction; expressive sandwork; the archetypal roots of feminine identity; an eco-critical model of Jungian analysis; power; resentment; Jung and Simondon; an epistemology for analytical psychology; the creation of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’; on the subconscious of cultural psychology; conflict resolution; the fraternal archetype; transgressions of innate moral codes; mental health in today’s world; epigenetics and AP; epigenetics and the archetype of the Great Mother; the panic syndrome; the suitcase container; integration of the exiled family; Civilization in Transition and emotions; assisted dying; individuation and death anxiety; AP and quantum physics; ethics, family systems and Jungian analytical training; the reconstituted family; parental alienation; abuse in the church; on prophets and followers; paranoia, politics and the tyranny of the identical; politics and power; individual analysis and social justice; the loss of soul; Nise da Silveira, Jung and Bento Spinosa; making our own Red Books; new explorations of the numinous; childhood and cultural evolution; the abandonment complex; healthy narcissism; perspectivism and shamanism; the Black face of the Brazilian soul; Saci-Pererê and the Trickster archetype; autism; addictions; interculturality; an imperative for an «Unus Mundus»; artistic expression in Cubism, Expressionism and collective experience.

The video presentations and papers in print will be available to registrants for 3 months after the conference. Please join us!

Full programme in 3 languages: https://thejap.org/timetable

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